Collage & Multimedia Artwork

Collage work came about when a local gallery put out a call
for entries made primarily of paper. It was such creative fun
to pull out my large box of paper swatches. I think I was
saving them for just the right moment! I’m now hooked
and am planning a number of collage series. Stay tuned!
All art is copyrighted by Amber Whittington and cannot be reproduced without express written permission by artist.
Anais Cafe Paris14in x 11in (Unframed with matte)$50
Bowl of Red14in x 11in (Unframed with matte)$50
Ode to Matisse14in x 11in (Unframed with matte)$50
Spring Collage14in x 11in (Unframed with matte)$50
Red on Red
Snow Flower
Purple Passion
Matisse Leaves
Pricing does not include shipping.

Contact me for collage pricing. Commissions accepted.